If you want fast Service, you’ve got fast Service. Our Same-day delivery services get your shipments where they need to go, immediately if necessary. If it’s an envelope, box, or skid-load, our cars, vans and straight trucks get it there. No excuses. Just lots of fast options to meet the demands of your business.


Service Type Explanation
Non Stop (2-2.5 hrs

Before 4:00 PM To Deliver By 6:00 PM

Rush (3-4 hrs) Before 2:30 PM to deliver by 6:00 PM
Regular (4-5 hrs)

Before 1:00 PM to deliver by 5:00 PM
Same Day Before 11:00 AM to deliver by 5:00 PM
Overnight Before 4:00 PM to deliver by 5:00 PM next day


Other Delivery options available upon request:

Contact us through our Online Form

or (905)940-1680

Toll Free: 1-866-294-2224













If you thought a company with the word "Ontario" in its name went nowhere else, you'd be wrong. Our Logistics Division regularly delivers to the rest of Canada and the United States from north to south, and east to west coast. It's a reliable and expansive network of efficiently organized straight trucks that move when you need them to move and fast when you need them to move fast.

Our Logistics Division also offers supply chain management. The world may not exactly be our main oyster, but we provide cost-effective solutions to the Asian and European markets so your entire shipping experience is convenient and problem-free.