Letter From Management - Brand refresh means brand new website!

Sat, 2011-04-16 21:44

Businesses, like people, evolve. All Ontario Express has been evolving since 1995 into what we like to think has become a winning philosophy: a fast transportation solutions provider that can handle both small and large shipments with equal ease and reliability. And as part of our evolution we have refreshed our brand into what we feel most accurately reflects this corporate philosophy. If this is your first time visiting us online since the change, you probably noticed this right away. It wasn`t our goal to simply make changes for the sake of making changes. Our goal was - and is - to provide our clients with a website design that is easily navigated and user friendly. We think we accomplished our goals with a simpler method for entering orders and printing waybills, as well as an efficient system that lets you track your shipments at any time for any given date. Once you`ve had a chance to check out these new and improved features, we hope you agree that we did in fact accomplish our goals. If you`re not so sure, then please send us your suggestions on how we can make www.allontarioexpress.com even better. After all, it`s YOU who helped us evolve to this point, and it`s YOU who we serve. It is also YOU who can give us the feedback that wiill help eliminate any frustrations from your shipping experience and enhance the convenience. Yes, we value your opinion! Thank you for reading. Thank you for visiting. And thank you for being an All Ontario Express valued customer! Management